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Stearns & Foster Estate provides ultimate comfort, support and longevity. HyperCell provides a special touch of softness, and the Cross System Springs ensure that your entire body is supported correctly, giving you a magnificent night's sleep. Ventilated coil systems combined with copper external air vents help prevent heat from building up in your mattress and work together to promote a calm, deep sleep throughout the night.

Premium upholstery fabrics ensure your mattress's timeless design will last for years.

Mattress Height: 30CM

Comfort Level: Medium

Important mattress care:

Monthly brush and vacuum your mattress, always keeping it clean. Do not use an iron, hair dryer or any other heat source or steam on the bed. Do not place your mattress on frames with openings more significant than 5cm. Never bend or crease the mattress. Every three months, rotate the mattress laterally (feet/head). For better conservation of the product, always use a mattress protector.

$599.00 Starting Price

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